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Don’t Let The Great Resignation Kill Your Marketing

Great Resignation

Marketing departments are being decimated by “The Great Resignation.” While The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports quit rates across all jobs that might be the highest, the numbers look genuinely shocking for the marketing industry. According to a 2021 survey conducted by MarketerHire, 48% of the 25,000 surveyed marketing professionals plan to leave their marketing gigs. That means that your marketing department could be short-staffed by 50%! So how are you supposed to keep your marketing going with half the team?

If you don’t market, the leads will start to dry up, and your whole company will suffer. But there is a solution that can rescue your marketing and keep your name in front of prospects: hire a small agency. Read on to find out how this can work to alleviate the pressure caused by current and future personnel shortages in marketing.

Overburdened and Burning Out

With many employees leaving the workplace to switch industries, re-align their priorities, retire early, or move to another company, the staff left behind will be burdened with extra work. Overtaxed employees may find it impossible to keep up, and burnout will creep in, causing more resignations. At a certain point, attrition and stress can cause chaos in your marketing efforts.

All too often, companies that lose their marketing team stop creating content to save money. This strategy might make sense for the short term, but your leads will dry up without consistent marketing. Your organization needs to keep clients coming through the door, and marketing tasks aren’t easy to split up and delegate to a team half the size of your old one. So don’t make the mistake of handing your creative marketing to your accounting team. It’s not rocket science, but it certainly isn’t easy!

Outsource Your Marketing—the Right Way

A marketing expert is a tough asset to lose. They know your brand, and if they have worked with you for a while, they know how you like to talk about your brand. But, if your marketing manager resigns, you need to find a way to keep developing content on an indefinite timeline. That’s where small agencies shine. Small agencies offer a convenient way to keep your marketing going, offering a personalized service that can quickly get up to speed on your company, your brand voice, and your marketing needs.

5 Advantages of Working with A Small Marketing Agency

Outsourcing your marketing to a small agency can be very beneficial. If you find the right team, you can expect to:

  1. Extend Your Team—Flexibly
    The best marketing agencies will act as an extension of your team to satisfy your need for great content in the absence of an in-house marketing director. Smaller agencies are often a better fit for these kinds of jobs: they’re efficient, able to meet quick deadlines, and can customize a content plan on the fly.
  2. More Cost-Effectively Market Your Company
    Hiring an agency is much cheaper than keeping all the expertise on staff. You not only need a marketing manager but a front-end developer, social media manager, content writer, SEO/SEM specialist, graphic designer, PPC expert, and email marketer. When you use a small agency, all these experts will work on your marketing as needed, meaning that you only pay for your needs without the overhead of hiring an entire staff. And if you still have some in-house team, they can easily work with a small agency to outsource just the elements they can’t handle in-house.
  3. Save Time and Money in HR
    Companies find it incredibly time-consuming and frustrating to try to hire talent during this labor crunch. Plus, onboarding new employees is never cheap. A full-time marketing manager’s average salary is expensive, especially when you add in the taxes, employee benefits, and a lot more. So eliminating the human resource hassles for your marketing team with the flexibility of outsourcing makes lots of sense these days.
  4.  Work With Experts Who Bring a Fresh Perspective to Your Marketing
    A different team of marketers will think of new ways to share your brand and interpret your message. Then, with some guidance, you can help an external team build exciting new content. How an agile agency can pick up the pieces and create something beautiful might surprise you.
  5. Have Time to Concentrate on Your Core Business
    You’ve got enough on your plate. A successful marketing campaign takes a lot of time and energy, and it certainly shouldn’t be expected of your other employees. Assign the work to a team of experts and focus on what you do best – running the business!

Beat “The Great Resignation” With a Small Agency for Your Marketing

If you partner with the right agency, you’ll have access to a whole team of marketers for a much lower price tag. Look on the bright side – your content needs, such as email outreach, blog content, and social media posts, will get attention from a whole new team of creatives. To make sure this silver lining becomes a reality, make sure you hire the right agency

Looking to partner with an agency? Take a look at our capabilities or book a 15 minute call with us and let’s see if we’d be a good fit!