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Shaping Market Perception: 5 Design Strategies for EdTech Companies

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You know your EdTech product is stellar. You also know you’ve spent hours trying to create scroll-stopping images and engaging designs to lure people in. So, why aren’t you reaping the reward? 

Well, my friend, you’re not alone. It’s a next-level challenge to craft design strategies that stand out against the saturated education crowd. In this world of stock image overload and forgettable logos, it’s time to shake things up and inject some personality into your visuals. 

Transform your design game from “meh” to “wow” with these five tips and tricks to help you stand out.

#1 – Balancing Intentional Use of Stock Photos

Use stock photos judiciously. To tell a compelling story, strike a balance between custom graphics and well-curated stock photos (for a touch of humanity).

As experts in our field, we know it’s nearly impossible to avoid using stock imagery. But we’re in the digital space all day, so we know how to choose lesser-known models in intriguing settings, avoiding the tired clichés of the same “Janet Smiling In a Zoom Webinar” image.

#2 – Design Logos to Describe Your Product

Let’s have a quick heart-to-heart about generic logos–we’ve all seen them. They flood the market faster than avocado toast photos on Instagram and are just as exciting as watching paint dry. 

Say no to abstract logos that get lost in the digital crowd. A logo should shout, “This is who we are, and this is what we do.” 

Take Kindle, for example. The name “Kindle” might not immediately scream “e-reader” to the uninitiated. But with an image of a boy immersed in a book, Kindle’s logo leaves no doubt about the product’s purpose.

So, take a page from Kindle’s book (pun intended) and let your logo be a visual storyteller.

#3 – Demonstrate Benefits with Product Imagery

Ever heard of the “Picture Superiority Effect?” It confirms that images last longer in our memories than words. So, if that’s the case, why settle for lackluster product descriptions when visuals can do the heavy lifting?

Authentic product imagery allows your audience to see, feel, and understand the value of your solutions in a way that words alone cannot match. Customers want visuals that paint a vivid picture of the benefits that await them. Seeing is believing (and remembering), after all. 

By embracing product imagery, you tap into the innate desire of your audience to envision what they will get, and that anticipation becomes the fuel driving their engagement.

#4 – Use Clean Design as Your CTA BFF

Every marketing tactic should come with a desired action we want our audience to take. Enter the realm of calls to action—the signposts that entice, inspire, and propel your audience to take the next step. 

These directives should be crystal clear, leveraging a blend of artistry and functionality. The clever use of contrasting colors draws attention to critical elements. It’s the judicious placement of interactive buttons that whisper, “Click me, and I’ll take you places!” It’s the harmonious balance between content and design, where information is presented in bite-sized, digestible nuggets that leave your audience craving more.

Create a user experience that’s visually appealing and easy to navigate. Your audience will thank you.

#5 – Choose Colors & Fonts that Defy Industry Norms

Look around and see what design trends are sweeping through the education space. 

Are most of your competitors drowning in a sea of blue logos? Choose warm colors or a palette with high contrast that screams, “Look at me, we’re different!” 

What about fonts? Are your competitors clinging to soft sans-serif fonts? Steal the show with bold, modern serif options. Let your headlines speak volumes with a typeface that leaves a lasting impression.

Embrace the power of style, defy industry norms, and let your design choices tell a story that captures the hearts and minds of your target audience.

Design Your Way to Stand Out Success

Armed with these design strategies, go forth and make your B2B education solution shine brighter than the rest. Remember, design is not just about aesthetics; it’s about making an impact and differentiating you from the rest. 

And if you’re still feeling lost in the shadows, Clever Lucy is here to help. Follow us on LinkedIn for more clever tips and tricks, or schedule a call to learn how we can take your education solution design game to the next level.