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3 Reasons to Communicate Student Benefits in Marketing

EdTech brands have a unique opportunity to connect with various groups, such as education administrators, parents, and students. But no matter who you’re primary end user is, one thing remains central in all their hearts and minds: the student! 

Highlighting the benefits that students will experience as you develop marketing strategies for your Edtech brand will help you stand out in a crowded space. Let’s explore a few reasons why.

#1 – Outlines a Clear Path to Success

When students, parents, and educators consistently hear about the positive impact your brand has on student outcomes, it outlines a roadmap for success in the end user’s mind. Clear communication about improved grades, enhanced comprehension, and overall academic growth builds confidence in the effectiveness of your product or service.

#2 – Builds Trust and Confidence 

Imagine a student feeling confident that their learning journey is supported by cutting-edge technology designed with them in mind. Consistent messaging about how your tech facilitates personalized learning, adapts to individual needs, and fosters a love for learning establishes trust. 

#3 – Aligns Educational Goals

As we said, students, parents, and educators share a common goal – the student’s success. Consistent communication ensures that everyone is on the same page. Whether it’s highlighting how your Edtech offering aligns with curriculum standards or showcasing success stories, the message must be clear: the tools you offer support the educational journey in new and meaningful ways.

Personalize Communication Across Channels

But where do you share these student benefits? From websites that feel like a tailored experience to emails that read like personal letters  – each channel allows your brand to craft a tailored journey and personalized experience for your end user. 

If we want to get one thing across here, it’s that it’s not only about what you say; it’s about how you say it and where you say it. 

  • Craft an Engaging Website: Ever visited a website that felt like it knew exactly what you were looking for? That’s the power of personalized communication and well-thought-out user journeys. A website should be a dynamic space that adapts to the unique needs of each visitor.
  • Master Targeted Emails: Emails are personal, direct, and, when done right, powerful. Segmented email campaigns ensure that the right message reaches the right inbox at the right time, fostering meaningful engagement.
  • Leverage Personalized Ads: Imagine ads that don’t feel like ads. Use data to create targeted ads based on user behavior and make every click count. 
  • Simplify Admissions: The admissions process is a pivotal time in a student’s journey. Personalize this experience by offering tailored information based on academic level, interests, and career goals. 
  • Ease the Enrollment Process: Enhance the enrollment process by providing personalized guidance, such as targeted enrollment assistance for administrators, parent-focused orientation materials, and student-centric onboarding resources.
  • Keep it Authentic: Always make sure that the language and imagery you use reflect the lived experiences of your audience. Equity and access are critical, and the words and pictures you use matter.

By weaving personalized communication into various channels and processes, your brand can create a cohesive and tailored experience for administrators, parents, and students alike.

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